Top 5 Best Multi Needle Embroidery Machines (+Buying Guide)

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The top 5 multi needle embroidery machines reviews are here! We’ll be reviewing the best brands and models of these machines, which will help you decide if this is the right investment for your business.

We’ve also included some helpful tricks to make sure you get the most out of your new machine. Read on below to find out more about each model!

A multi-needle embroidery machine can be an excellent investment for the sewer to save time and increase productivity.

It’s also a perfect option when it comes down to choosing between threading or rethreading, as there will no longer need any extra steps taken to do so.

There are a lot of different brands and models to choose from when it comes down to embroidery machines. You might not know where you should start or how much an item will cost.

But I’m here with some advice for those who need help deciding on the best option! A good place would be by evaluating what kind of work they want to be done in terms of time management and price range – if someone wants something fast.

There’s no point getting expensive machines because all their projects could take just over one day each, whereas somebody looking at long-term usage may value quality craftsmanship.

Review of the best top multi-needle embroidery machines

If you’re thinking of starting your own embroidery business, this article will tell you what machine(s) are best for the job. There is a lot of information on which machine is suitable for what kind of job and budget.

So we are here with the top five favorite multi-needle models below. Here is the best Review of 5 best Multi Needle Embroidery Machines.

1. Janome 001MB7 Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

Janome 001MB7 Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

You’ll never run out of ideas with the MB-7. With 50 built-in designs and ten monogramming fonts, this machine has everything you need to create an embroidery masterpiece.

It uses 800 SPM on speed settings to perfectly place every stitch while simultaneously allowing for more delicate work like initials or small details without sacrificing quality.

This embroidery machine comes with a 7-needle top for quick thread changes, allowing you to work on more significant projects. The maximum size of the design that can be stitched is 9″ x 7″.

It also has an included remote computer screen (RCS) and auto return post stitch break feature, which allows you to complete your project in no time.


For those looking for an embroidery machine that can do more delicate work like initials or small details, this one’s got you covered with speeds up to 800 SPM on speed settings and 7-needle top threads, which are easy enough to change out when needed without taking too much time away from your gameplay.

Embroidery field

The Janome Multi Needle Embroidery Machine is an excellent way to create high-quality embroideries on a large scale.

With its maximum embroidery field size of 9″ x 7″ (238mm X 200 mm), this machine will allow your designs and patterns to come through clearly without any distorted images or stitching errors.

Built-In Designs

This amazing embroidery machine has 50 built-in designs, with additional ones available for download through a USB connection.

Many different projects are possible, whether you want to create your design or copy one from an image file on your computer.

Remote Computer Screen 

When it comes to embroidery machine design, Janome is absolutely king. With an included remote computer screen (RCS), you’ll never have difficulty viewing your work in progress as well as photos.

For reference material while stitching away at home or abroad with family members enjoying the experience together over Skype.


The Janome 001MB7 Multi Needle Embroidery Machine is perfect for embroiderers on the go. With seven different needles, this machine allows quick thread changes between projects without needing to stop sewing.


The first step to monogramming is choosing the correct font. There are many ways to personalize your embroidery pieces with different fonts or colors on each initial letter.

USB port

The Janome Multi Needle Embroidery Machine is a beautiful machine that allows you to create your designs with ease.

It has USB ports to easily import formats from their computer or phone when starting up new projects.

Reading ability

The Janome multi-needle embroidery machine has been designed to make it easy for beginners or experts in the industry.

This means that this unique device can read all professional formats such as jef+, .jef, and DST. A must-have tool if you want stunning designs on your clothing quickly, with minimal frustration.

Bobbin winder

The Janome Multi Needle Embroidery Machine has an independent bobbin winder, so you can prepare new bobbins while stitching.

This is perfect for embroidering large projects or ones where many colors are used. It allows users the freedom to grab some thread and get started without having another machine running rhythmically beside them.


The Janome multi-needle embroidery machine is perfect for all of your intricate stitching needs. With a maximum speed of 800 stitches per minute, you can create unique designs in record time.

  • Compatible with a variety of embroidery formats

  • 7 needles for quick thread changes

  • 9.4″ x 7.9″ embroidery field

  • 10 fonts for monograms and designs 

  • Auto-Return post thread break

  • Nil

2. Janome MB-4S Four-needle Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Janome MB-4S Four-needle Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Imagine being able to embroider an entire project in just one sitting. That is what our new four-needle machine offers you. The MB-4S takes the Janome tradition of high-quality, reliable products.

It quadruples it so that more people can enjoy using them for their artistic purposes at home or on the go without having any experience with sewing machines before this time around.

The new embroidery machine from Janome is an absolute beast. It features a high-quality LCD, memory card slot for storing designs and fonts on the go – even when disconnected from power.

The Speed can be adjusted up to 800 stitches per minute with one foot of space leftover, so you can explore all options before deciding if this piece will work best in your clothing lineup without any limits.

The Janome Embroidery Machine is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create beautiful embroidered designs but doesn’t have access or time.

This machine can handle nearly any project you throw at it with ease, thanks in part to its many features, including ten monogramming options and changeable colors that allow users an easy way of choosing their favorite thread.

In addition, the Flip feature enables stitching patterns to upside down on top layers without inverting them throughout, which saves space when designing your garment pieces.


The new embroidery machine will allow you to stitch up your latest line of clothing with 800 stitches per minute, giving customers plenty of time before they make their final decision on whether or not the design is right for them.

LED Light

The MB-4S LED Light is an outstanding tool. It offers precision lighting with the onboard control device, which can be used without a separate controller.

Remote Computer Screen

Take total control of your machine with the Remote Computer Screen. You can program one RCS to power many machines, and you don’t need any additional controllers because this device has 65K colors.

3MB of Memory

The MB-4S has enough memory to store up an incredible 1,500,000 stitches or 100 designs.

Bobbin Winding Motor

The most important feature of a bobbin winding motor is that it can wind new bobbins even while the machine builds up stitches.

Not found in professional machines, these specialized gear designs are only used by high-end brands and shops with expensive equipment because they specialize in complex patterns or large projects like quilts.

Automatic Thread Cutter

The MB-4S is a time-saving machine. It automatically cuts jump threads, so you can skip that tedious job of cutting all those little pieces.

  • Up to 65,536 colors for precise editing capabilities

  • No need for a controller as long as the MB-4S has an onboard sub-control device.

  • Perfect lighting with the LED light source

  • Save time with an automatic thread cutter

  • Get bonus package that includes hoop for 5 “x4.3” design

  • Wind bobbins while stitching

  • Nil

3. Janome MB-7 Multi needle Embroidery Machine with Bonus 

Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

The MB-7 is a revolutionary new embroidery design tool that will help you create the perfect monogram. With 50 built-in designs and ten fonts for letters, names, or phrases of your choice.

There are endless customization possibilities with this machine. The innovative features include one USB port to easily import designs from any computer (including Microsoft Word); the maximum Speed is 800 SPM.


The maximum Speed of MB-7 is 800 SPM. The best way to get a job done quickly and efficiently, is this machine will take care of all your needs in no time.

Built-In Designs and Fonts

Embroidery is hot. The MB-7 embroider machine has 50 built-in designs, ten fonts for monogramming, and two or three letter initials you can personalize with this excellent tool.


It is introducing the MB-7 – a revolutionary new embroidery machine that will change your world. Its seven needle configuration allows for intricate patterns and designs to be created with ease.

USB port

The MB-7 has a USB port to import designs easily. The user can connect to their computer and start making changes on the fly.

LED light

The MB-7 embroidery machine is an excellent choice if you want to create eye-catching designs on your clothing. This six-lamp design includes white LED lamps, which are steady and provide even lighting for making bold text or images stand out.

  • Comes with an exclusive bonus bundle including 50 embroidery designs and ten fonts

  • A USB port to easily import designs, creating endless possibilities

  • Maximum Speed of 800 SPM

  • Supports .jef+, .jef, .dst formats

  • Nil

4. Brother PR655 6 Needle Embroidery Machine

Brother PR655 6 needle embroidery machine - Multi needle Machine

The Brother PR655 embroidery machine is a high-quality, durable option for busy entrepreneurs on their way up. With over 120 hours of use and original equipment included in this purchase, you can’t go wrong.


The Brother 6 needle embroidery machine PR655 is perfect for the Embroiderer that wants to get serious about their embroidery. With over 120 hours of use, this purchase provides value and quality you can count on.


The Brother 6 needle embroidery machine PR655 has six built-in needles, perfect for the severe Embroiderer who wants to finish their project quickly.

  • Durable and works as hard as you do

  • Original equipment included, so it’s ready to go

  • For those with a serious commitment to embroidery

  • 20 hours of use included in the purchase

  • Nil

5. SWF MAS 12 Needle Embroidery Machine

SWF MAS 12-Needle Embroidery Machine

The SWF MAS 12-Needle Embroidery Machine may be the best choice for you to make your custom logo and clothing, bags, or anything else that needs to be embroidered.

It’s lightweight and portable, which makes it perfect if space in your home is limited. The motorized foot allows even beginners like me with little experience to thread needles quickly.

So they don’t get tangled up on delicate fabrics without making too much noise when sewing at night while everyone else is asleep next door.


SWF’s new embroidery machine is a joy to use for both experienced and novice embroiderers alike. The foot pedal enables the user with little experience to thread needles quickly.

So they don’t get tangled up on delicate fabrics while enjoying embroidering beautiful designs into delicate workwear without getting frustrated from having an unclear procedure in front of them at all times.


The embroidery machine is straightforward to use. It has 12 needles that will stitch up your design in seconds. It has been designed to work with anything and allows you the flexibility of creating your unique designs.

The free-hand stitch

With the free-hand stitch function, you can draw on your device and have it digitized to create a design that will never wear out.

Change cap system

The machine’s cap-changing system is super easy to use; with this fantastic machine, you can change from caps to hoops and back again with ease. It doesn’t require tools and can be done in seconds and save time in your busy day.


The SWF MAS 12 multi-needle machine has a large 10.4″ touchscreen display, which is just what you need for an intuitive user interface and easy operation.


This machine can do all of your embroidery needs and more. The SWF 12 needle is perfect for large jobs with its 30 pounds weight, but it’s also lightweight enough that you’ll barely notice when carrying around regularly.

Wireless Internet Set-up

SWF MAS 12-Needle Embroidery Machine can be your link to the future. Send designs straight from a computer with an internet connection, and watch them come alive on one of our embroidery machines.

  • Equipped with 12 needles that can embroider a wide range of fabric types

  • Create high-quality embroidery in a shorter period

  • Wide variety of colors and stitches available

  • No Warranty

  • Lack of instructions

Difference between multi-needle and single embroidery machines

In contrast to the single needle, which can only embroider one color on fabric at once with quality results regardless of size or shape required by design needs because it has just that – ONE NEEDLE! The multi-needle machine offers more creative options for those who need variety in their style.

So you want to ride in style but don’t know how? Don’t worry, and we’ve got your back. There are many types of needles out there, and they’re not all created equal when it comes time for sewing up jeans or making that new leather jacket!

Ballpoint Needles work best on knits such as sweaters (and maybe even pajamas), while sharp pointy ones will do just fine with denim material like jeans.

Factors should be considered before buying a Multi Needle Embroidery Machine

When you are starting in embroidery, it can seem like an overwhelming decision to make. You have so many options and things that go into consideration when buying your first machine: type of needle (single-needle vs. multi), stitch quality, price range…the list goes on!

I’ve found one thing is true, though – if money isn’t something we’re thinking about, then stick with what works best for beginners; however.

If this becomes important, consider carefully which features matter most because some cheaper models may lack specific capabilities such as 3D designs or curved stitches while more expensive ones offer those extra bells& whistles without sacrificing affordability.


The price of a multi needle embroidery machine can range anywhere from $1,000 to 20K. It means you get what your money buys – an expensive piece has all kinds of features, while one at the lower end might not even offer basic functionality like free arm function or stitch length control.

Easy hoops

A multi-needle embroidery machine should be easier to hoop with because you don’t have the limitations imposed by regular sewing machines.

With these types, your bed or free-arm must move in one direction while being sewn on an object– but not so with this breed! The process allows for much more freedom when working small spaces like sleeves where most people want their designs to look clean without any extra bulk (which means less puckering).

No Rethreading

When buying a multi-needle embroidery machine, keep in mind that it can be easier to maintain your threading with several colors. For instance, if you’re working on an intricate design and need many thread hues for its completion, switching between lines will be easy peasy.

All I would say is tell this device what kind of changeover they want or watch as everything else falls into place nicely without any effort from yourself.

Service Support

It’s not just about the sewing skills and experience needed for embroidery but also a matter of service. With features like multi-needle machines that take more knowledge to maintain or service than other types.

It can be hard enough to find someone capable without adding complexity into their workload by servicing something outside what they typically do best with no guarantee.

The cost of owning a multi-needle embroidery machine can be prohibitive for some people because it requires advanced knowledge and skill, which not many businesses or individuals in this industry have. It’s also quite expensive to maintain with all the parts that need attention from time to time.


Do you want to get more done in less time? If so, a single-needle embroidery machine might not be the best fit for your needs. Multi-needle devices can do much more and make it easier to grow your craft into a business or start one from scratch with the support included free when you buy your machine!

With faster speeds, more significant designs, and multiple needles at once, there’s no reason why every Embroiderer shouldn’t have one.

We hope this blog post has helped provide insight into how multi-needle embroidery machines work better than their single-needled counterparts. 

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