5 Best Embroidery Machines For Monogramming: It’s Popular To Design Your Own Shirts

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Monogramming can be a tricky task for those who want their initials or other embroidery designs on clothes. Well, there is one machine that does it all the Embroidery Machine!

It comes with an option of monograms as well as doing any sort of fancy stitching you may need to be done to embellish your clothing items properly with creativity.

So they are personalized just right – this way, no two pieces look alike after being stitched by yourself thanks entirely to too much time at home alone working away.

Embroidery and Sewing Machine for Monogramming

Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming
Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

In this section, we will look at sewing machines that can be personalized with monogramming fonts but not additional designs. If you’re looking for embroidery and don’t need this capability, then move on to our next section about it.

5 Best Embroidery Machines For Monogramming Reviews

Do you have a monogrammed shirt but don’t know what machine to use? We’ve got the reviews for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you five of the best embroidery machines for monogramming, as well as their pros and cons so that you can find one perfect for your needs!

1. SINGER 9960 Best Embroidery Machine for Monogramming

9960 Computerized Sewing Machine

Brand Singer
Model 9960 
Dimension 17.25 x 8.25 x 12 inches
Weight 20 Pounds
Color White
Power Source Corded Electric
Electrical Yes
Rating 9.4  / 10

Can’t decide what to make? Why not try making a monogram on your jacket with the SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine.

You get 600 built-in stitches, including five alphanumeric fonts and 13 buttonhole patterns. With these features, you are sure to have fun creating your following fashion fabulous accessory or good household masterpiece.

The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 portable sewing machine is the ultimate tool for any crafter looking to make their creative dreams come true.

It has loads of ease-of-use features that allow you custom stitch designs, including basic stitches like stretch and decorative stitches for fashion sewing and quilting projects with home decor or crafting possibilities.

With an extensive range in styles ranging from clothing repairs to upcycling items at home, this Singer will have whatever your heart desires within reach with just one device.


The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine can stitch up to 850 stitches per minute, making it one of the fastest on today’s market! Anyone who wants their project done quickly should consider this machine.

Stitch Applications    

The multitude of choices for stitch patterns will satisfy any creative appetite. Basic, decorative, and stretch stitches are available with 600 designs to choose from, including fashion quilting or home decorating needs- there’s something here perfect for everyone.

Built-in Buttonhole

The 1-step process provides reliable results every time without fail or error because each one has been sized perfectly to match whatever size they need.

Just place the button in your machine’s designated spot, choose one of 13 built-in perfectly sized styles (or make it yourself!), start stitching, and watch as that pesky job becomes something you can do with ease.

Built-In Needle Threader

The built-in needle threader makes assembly a breeze. You never have to worry about changing or breaking needles again with this convenient feature.

Extension Table

The extension table allows you to work with larger projects and quilts in a comfortable workspace.

Electronic Twin Needle Settings

With the press of a button, this function reduces stitch width for sewing with twin needles so that they won’t get caught on your machine’s feed dogs.

Drop-In Bobbin System

The top drop-in bobbin system is easy to use and monitor. For one, the transparent cover makes it easy, so you will be aware when there’s a thread shortage or excess by looking at your sewing machine with no guesswork involved.

One-Touch Stitch Selection

The machine’s front panel is where you’ll find all of your favorite stitch options. With an easy-to-use interface and eight most common types just a tap away, this section makes it easy to get started sewing right away.

  • Large selection of stitches

  • Easy needle threading process

  • Quick sewing with automatic needle threading

  • 600 Built-In Stitches

  • 5 Alphanumeric Fonts

  • 13 built-in 1-Step Buttonholes 

  • Exclusive Buttonhole Underplate 

  • Mirror Imaging and Stitch Elongation

  • Uses advanced computerized technology for effortless sewing

  • Designed to provide users with an enjoyable and fulfilling sewing experience

  • Comes with a variety of presser feet of all different shapes and sizes

  • Best sewing machine for monogramming

  • It makes projects more accessible than ever before: From buttonholes to blind hems, even rolled hemstitching—you can do it all at your fingertips.

  • Includes one-touch start/stop function, built-in stitches library of over 600 stitches, integrated Twin Needle capability (and more)

  • This machine gives the top half of the letter.

  • The bobbin is made of plastic

  • Unbalanced stitch because of bobbin thread

  • The bobbin winder is down inside the top of the machine and is inconvenient to use

  • The needle area is so small

2. Brother FS100WT  Embroidery, Sewing, and Quilting Machine

Brother FS100WT 

Brand Brother
Model FS100WT
Dimension 51.5 x 32.2 x 45.6 cm
Weight 16.5 Pounds
Color White
Power Source Corded Electric
Electrical Yes
Rating 9.2 / 10

Need a new embroidery project and a monogram? Look no further than the Brother Free Motion Embroidery/Sewing and Quilting Machine! This high-end machine is perfect for beginners as well since it’s easy to use.

You’ll have stitch selection with speed control that also enables you to limit your swing speeds, so even those who don’t know how to work on their own will be able to take advantage of this fantastic product without any help from an expert. It comes pre-programmed out, including some standard designs like lettering styles or logos. 


Get the professional look you desire with this embroidery machine. It’s equipped with an extra-wide table and free-motion foot so that it will fit any project!

The Start/ Stop button lets users control stitching without stopping or wasting thread; slide speeds are controlled by your hands instead of complicated knobs on top for quick adjustments during a sewing session. With all these features at such affordable prices, what more could someone want?


With so many stitches, it’s easy to find the perfect one for any project. From utility and decorative options, there are 100 different types of stitch in this counted machine.

You can also choose one lettering style, which will help you add names to clothing or other items, making them extra personalized with monogramming features.

Automatic needle threader

Manual threading of the needle is time-consuming and frustrating. The automatic needle threader saves you from doing so by compressing threads into its mouth, which makes it easier for anyone.

Drop-in Bobbin

The professional-grade machine can also be used by beginners, thanks to the Quick Set Drop-in Bobbin. This convenient feature ensures no thread jams or errors when sewing with it.


The LCD screen on this handy little machine is easy enough for even beginners to use. With just four buttons, you can change the length and width of any stitch without having a technical understanding of how it all works.


The FS100WT includes a wide variety of feet, which can create different types of seams. Some accessories that come with the machine are included in this list: 

Zig-Zag Foot, Buttonhole foot, Zipper, Blind Hem, Overcasting, Monogramming, Foot Control, DVD, Needles, etc. Be sure not to miss out on this fantastic package deal.

  • 100 preloaded stitches

  • Easily accessible extension table for extra space

  • Free motion quilting foot included making a variety of projects with ease, more affordable than buying a separate machine for this purpose

  • Embroidery machine for monogramming

  • The electronic display is an easy guide to the functions and features of your new sewing/embroidering machine. “Stitch selection is as simple as scrolling through the letters.”

  • Numerous feet come standard with the purchase, including buttonhole foot, zigzag foot, zipper foot, blind hemming foot, overcasting foot.

  • It produces juddering sound

  • Repairing is expensive

  • This machine is not suitable for extra thick fabric

  • The engine of this machine is massive

  • Plastic machine

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3. Portable Multi-Function Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Portable Multi-Function Sewing and Embroidery

Brand When
Model 2685A
Dimension 46.4 x 36.5 x 37.1 cm
Weight 7.65 Kg
Color White
Power Source Corded Electric
Electrical Yes
Rating 9.1 / 10

The Uten sewing machine is computerized, which includes 200-stitches and has eight style one-step buttonholes and an extender table. This means it can make extra-large stitches for you with its vast array of presser feet!

The device also features start/stop buttons as well as reverse functions on the front panel, so there’s no need to touch your foot controller while working from afar or near obstacles like pets who love chewing electrical cords ;).

It comes equipped with speed control sliders that allow users comfort during high-stress moments, such alas those found in clothing manufacture processes where precise tension fluctuations must be dealt out regularly.

This machine has a backlit LCD screen with easy navigation buttons that make choosing stitches quick and painless.

You can view stitch functions, including length, width, tensions settings, and recommended presser foot for each type of stitch setting quickly on display without having to hunt through your manual! It also includes twin needle options making hems glamorous-looking in seconds flat.


The speed control slider lets you set the maximum sewing speed for your comfort level. It’s a great feature to have in case of patterns call for different speeds and thicknesses or if one fabric is thicker than another.


These 200 stitches will help you create a lovely, authentic fabric perfect for your next art project. You can use them as decoration or take it one step further and make something more complex. There’s even an option to learn how to do eight styles of the automatic stitch.

Automatic needle threader

The Advanced Needle Threader is a built-in automatic threading device that does quick work sewing up your clothes.

It’s perfect for people looking to save time, have lots of big projects on their schedule, or just want some extra help in this area.


The LCD screen of your sewing machine is a window into the creative world for all to see! You can create anything you want with its many features and functions.

From selecting stitches, length, or width in an instant thanks to buttons on this handy device; adjusting presser feet at will by pressing their corresponding number keys (you’re never lost again!) – not only does it have everything any sewer would need.

But also displays what type they should be using if unsure- then there’s no limit as long as imagination takes over because who knows how intricate creations could happen from these few simple clicks?

One-step Automatic Buttonhole

Style your buttons in a snap! The one-step automatic buttonhole is perfect for those who want their projects done but don’t have time to take measurements.

It will do all of the work while you’re free from worrying about pesky math equations or confusing patterns that can be difficult.

With eight styles available and a simple interface that considers everything from widths of threads for different types of fabric already at once, this is an easy way to make sure it’s done right every time.

Easy Bobbin Winding System

The bobbin winder is a great way to automate your sewing machine and save time. It has an automatic shut-off feature, which saves even more of that precious minutes in between projects.

Drop Feed

The Drop Feed for Free Sewing is the best way to make quilting faster and easier. It’s like having an invisible hand sewing with you on every project.

Lower the feed dogs, drop in some thread or fabric – then watch as your machine sews without ever worrying about tension issues again.

There is no need to raise/lower the feeding lever only when working free motion designs; this feature works using bobbin threads or direct needle contact.


The Uten is reloaded with an array of supplies to make your sewing projects more accessible. This package includes seven presser feet, including the general-purpose foot for use on any fabric you.

Choose or when using decorative threads in a project that doesn’t require regular ones; zipper and button feet which are perfect when making clothes without zippers or buttons; instead just snap (you can even stitch them!), satin stitches, so they’re not visible against lighter colors like pink.

There are also freehand embroidery trimming tools if twirling vines aren’t enough but still want something pretty embellished onto garments–and lastly, automatic buttonhole makers will let anyone create professional-looking clusters at home.

  • 8 styles of one-step, auto-size buttonholes

  • Drop feed for embellishing

  • Twin needle settings 

  • LCD screen with computerized stitch selection 

  • Easy needle threading 

  • Embroidery machine for monogramming

  • Programmable Needle up/Down, Start/Stop Button 

  • Reverse sewing 

  • Quick change presser feet

  • Jammed needle

  • Feed dogs are not functional

4. Brother Innovis A150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother Innovis A150 Sewing Machine

Brand Brother
Model INNOV-IS A150
Dimension 41.9 x 19.6 x 30.7 cm; 9.8 Kg
Weight 9.8 kg
Color White
Power Source Electric cable
Electrical Yes
Rating 9 / 10 

The Brother Innovis A150 is a space-saving, computerized serger with 150 stitch selections and ten styles. The one-step auto-size buttonhole feature allows you to easily create fitted hems or seams without changing any settings on the machine.

At the same time, the four lettering style makes it easy for anyone in your household, from beginners up to experts.


A lightweight and easy-to-move sewing machine with an automatic speed control system, Brother Innovis A150 is the perfect choice for those who want to save time on their next project.

It has a keypad that allows you to stitch any type of fabric in seconds without having long fingernails manually selecting each thread color.

Built-in stitches

This innovative sewing machine is easy to use; all you have to do is choose your stitch pattern from the list of 150 different stitches, including ten styles of one-step buttonholes and four built-in fonts.

With this Brother Innovis A150 integrated keypad design, there’s no more scrolling through options on screen or looking for them in a manual.

Built-in lettering

The Brother Innovis A150 sewing machine has a built-in lettering feature that can be used to create labels and monograms. It is a sewing machine that does monogram efficiently.


Innovis A150 sewing machine comes with an LCD screen that shows the stitch options, as well as information about what you’re currently doing. It’s easy to read and simply displays the width or length of stitches.


The Brother Innovis A150 Sewing Machine has been built to make your fabrics and threads stand out. The LED lights offer high-quality lighting for all different sewing needs.

From general illumination in the house or office workspace where you need an extra light source without taking up space with candles/torchlight fixtures that can be hazardous if not handled properly.

Automatic needle threader

Say goodbye to threading needles one at a time with the built-in Automatic Needle Threader. Just select your preferred width or length and click. There is no need for extra steps or equipment like an electric needle penetrator.

  • The Brother Innovis A150 Sewing Machine is a computerized sewing machine with 150 stitch selections and ten lettering styles.

  • It also has 1 step auto-sizing buttonholes for easy use.

  • With the adjustable speed lever, you can adjust the stitching speed between high and low to suit the project type or weight of the fabric

  • Embroidery machine for monogramming

  • This model includes four lettering styles as uppercase, lowercase, digits, and symbols

  • The Brother Innovis A150 Sewing Machine comes with a warranty card

  • Nil

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5. Best Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine for Alphabets

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brand Brother
Model BROF480
Dimension ‎56.4 x 48.5 x 48.5 cm
Weight 10 Kg
Color ‎White
Power Source Electric cable
Electrical Yes
Rating 9 / 10

The Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine is an all-inclusive machine that allows you to embroider anything from hats, bags, or dresses and also is the best sewing machine for alphabet embroidery.

The 130 mm wide x 180 mm high area provides ample space for your designs, with the LCD touch screen display providing easy navigation through stitch types as well as helpful instructions on each one of them.

It also includes ten kinds of automatic eyelet stitches, so no matter what type of project it’s meant for, there will be a perfect solution available without having too many options at once preventing confusion during use which could lead someone to get frustrated rather quickly depending upon how much time they have invested into this process already.


This machine has all the features you need to create beautiful, quality stitches on any fabric or thickness. It’s easy to keep your pace with its speed control function so that even beginners can use it without getting frustrated.

The unique transmission and power of the drag system ensure an excellent stitch no matter what type of weight is being sewn, giving perfect results every time, thanks to this versatile sewing/embroidery device.


The Brother Sewing and embroidery machine is a high-quality piece of equipment that can produce stitches with ease. It features 186 built-in stitch options for all your crafting needs.

Embroidery designs

With the Brother sewing and Embroidery Machine, you can create many designs with 138 built-in embroidery patterns! It’s perfect for creating personalized creations like monograms or initials that are sure to stand out.

Built-in lettering

This machine is a great sewing and embroidery tool for any home. This Brother product has five different alphabets that allow you to create all sorts of textiles with ease.

This machine has 11 embroidery alphabets, three sizes L-M-S. It is perfect for all your creative projects.

Embroidery area

The Brother Sewing and embroidery machine is a high-quality tool for any professional. It has an area of 130 x 180 mm to stitch large pieces with ease.


The Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine is an excellent option for those who want their sewing machine with bells and whistles.

This particular model comes equipped with an LCD touch screen, so you can easily choose from different designs or set up your custom ones on the fly.

Automatic Needle Threader

Enter the 21st century with this modern sewing and embroidery machine. The Brother has an automatic needle threader that helps you complete more projects in less time.

USB Port

The Brother Sewing and embroidery machine is an excellent choice for those who want to make custom clothing. It features an affordable price and easy accessibility with its USB port that can be used on your home computer or laptop.

  • Comes with an embroidery area

  • Sewing and embroidery in one machine

  • Embroidery machine for monogramming

  • Various stitch options, including a buttonhole function for sewing shirts

  • Uses durable hard case in the front that protects the machine when not in use

  • Nil

A Quick Buying Guide for Beginners

You can take two approaches to buy a sewing machine for embroidery and monogramming: the first is to buy an all-purpose model with specific features built-in, which will let you do your fancy finishes work on primary equipment.

Suppose it’s not something intensively used with lots of thick materials or big projects. In that case, this may be just what one needs at home or wherever they have space enough from their routine duties as opposed to needing another dedicated workspace.

But keep in mind these machines cost more money upfront, so make sure there’s always somewhere else available where such things could go.

For most users, we recommend getting an all-in-one machine. This is the best choice if you want to save money on your embroidery design investment or don’t want to invest too much into a single piece of equipment that may not be versatile enough for multiple types of projects down the line.

Consider investing in something more specific for those who have spent plenty already and enjoy adding new items onto their sewing arsenal without breaking the bank with each purchase (or even just daydreaming about what could’ve been).

If you want a sewing machine for all your needs, an all-purpose workstation is not the way to go. They tend to be lightly built and aren’t good with daily use.

Especially if it involves heavy-duty tasks or projects that involve layered denim fabrics like jeans which can take more time than other types of material when embroidering logos on them as well as monogramming initials onto patches using different thread colors at once because those require different stitching techniques from what regular piecing requires.

However, both should still be done carefully, so it doesn’t damage either one beyond repair, but by buying separate machines this way, you’ll always know where every piece goes.

If you’re not a heavy user, an all-in-one with embroidery functions could serve your needs well. If advanced needleworkers have ambitious projects in mind and want to have two sewing machines for different tasks, this may be what they need.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to embroidery machines. You need a machine that will work for you and your sewing needs but don’t overspend on an expensive model just because of its power.

It’s essential not only to look at what type of designs or stitches are easiest with each brand (we’ve given helpful tips below), also to consider how much money they want from their customers.

Some companies offer cheaper entry-level models while others focus more heavily on features like aggressive feeding systems which can be helpful.

We know that embroidery machines can be demanding, and computers systems are prone to spotty quality control, which is why our range of recommendations starts at the more affordable end.

We don’t want anyone taking risks with their money by investing thousands on an expensive machine only for it to stop working after just a few months or years because they weren’t satisfied with its performance in those early days when everything seemed perfect.

Still, now all you have left are heartbroken customers who will never trust another brand again.

New embroidery machine owners should spend about $150-$300. Intermediate and advanced needleworkers plan to invest more, between 300-800 dollars, for their first machines or higher-end models.

Respectively, they can maximize productivity with less downtime because it’s cheaper than paying a technician to fix the problem when there are other options available at all times.

Such as online tutorials which have been explicitly designed by experts who know how difficult making these complicated pieces is but also want you to succeed without spending too much money.

Work area

The size of your projects will inevitably dictate what machine you use. While quilts can be sewn together without too much trouble, sewing fine finish work like embroidery all in one piece is essential for a high-quality product with incredible detail that looks professional on any fabric or thread type.

If space allows, it is best to do multiple small tasks simultaneously rather than trying stitch after stitch until completion; this way, things go quicker.

While it is true that many extensive machine tools only accommodate the size of a 4×4 frame, there are still some options available for larger scales.

Machines with a dedicated workspace can help you make your work life easier and more enjoyable by freeing up space on other machines or in storage areas where frames may be stored while they do not require use.

Internet Connectivity

If you’re looking for a unique sewing pattern, consider downloading it from the internet. With thousands of options available and some free designs as well, there’s no shortage when designing your embroidery on any model with internet connectivity built-in! 

If spending an extra few bucks means having access to design software like Singer Stitched 10 (a $200 purchase), then go ahead because these types of features are worth every penny.

Conclusion – Embroidery machines for monogramming

We hope that this article has provided you with enough information to help you make the best decision for your sewing needs.

Whether it’s embroidery or monogramming, there is a machine out there that will meet all of your demands and desires when it comes to making designs on fabric.

All we ask is that you take some time before investing in one so that you can find the perfect fit for what you need.

Have any other questions about these machines? Let us know! Our team would be more than happy to provide any advice or answer queries about our favorite topic machines.

Which type of stitching do you want most-embroidery or monogramming? We have experts available who would love to answer any questions about these types of products. Which model from our list above do you think is best.

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