Brother SE1900 Review: The Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine For Beginners & Those Who Want Unexpected Features

Embroidery is an art with a long history. Today, it inspires creativity in many different types of media and can be found in embroidery on jackets, home decor, and more. 

Sometimes, you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. Sometimes, you must escape reality for a bit and create something beautiful.

This is where a machine like the Brother PE550D comes in handy. With the Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine, you can easily create beautifully detailed projects.

The large color touchscreen allows for easy previewing of designs before embroidering and setting machine settings for your project.

Best brother sewing and embroidery machine pe550d

Best brother sewing and embroidery machine pe550d

The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is a great starter embroidery machine with a large 4″ x 4″ hoop, 125 built-in designs, 45 Disney designs, and 9 Built-in fonts.

This machine features a USB port for importing your design into the built-in memory. It also features a large color touchscreen to preview your designs before you stitch them. 

Whether a beginner or a pro, the Brother PE550D is perfect for all your sewing and embroidery needs.

What’s included with the PE550D?

The PE550DBrother Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable machine.

This machine includes many features that you would expect to find on machines that are much more expensive.

Some features included with the PE550DBrother Sewing and Embroidery Machine include a high-quality needle, a large built-in memory, and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

The PE550DBrother Sewing and Embroidery Machine is also very easy to use. The touchscreen interface makes it very easy to navigate and control the machine, even if you are a beginner.

If you are looking for a high-quality sewing and embroidery machine that is also affordable, the PE550DBrother Sewing and Embroidery Machine is a great option.

125 built-in designs

If you’re looking for an embroidery machine with many built-in designs, the Brother PE550D is worth considering. This machine comes with 125 different designs, including 45 Disney designs.

Plus, it has a large hoop area that makes it perfect for larger projects. With 125 built-in designs, including 45 Disney designs, you can create anything from birthday party invitations to baby blankets. 

You’ll be able to whip up all your favorite characters from Frozen, The Lion King, and more.

Font styles

There are 9 font styles to choose from, so you can create any design you want. The 9 font styles allow you to personalize every project with your unique style. 

Large color touchscreen

The Brother PED Embroidery Machine also has a large LCD touchscreen. This makes it easy to use and control your machine. You can also set up different font styles and sizes on the screen.

LCD touchscreen

This makes it easy to create professional-looking designs. You can preview your design before stitching. This machine lets you bring your creativity to life with easy-to-use features and a large touchscreen display. LCD touchscreen makes it easy to customize your designs and make them look great.

USB Port

One of the great features of the Brother PED Embroidery Machine is its USB port. This allows you to connect it to your computer to load your designs onto it.

You can easily import your embroidery designs into the machine’s memory and preview them before stitching for accuracy.

Embroidery field

It comes with a 4″ x 4″ embroidery hoop and built-in alignment tools so you can start stitching immediately. 4″ x 4″ embroidery field lets you easily work on larger projects. 

Embroidery field

This Embroidery Field ensures an even and professional finish on all of your projects.


  • Numerous built-in designs to choose from, including 45 Disney designs.
  • 9 font styles to personalize your embroidery projects.             
  • Memory card slot for importing embroidery designs.
  • Large color touchscreen for previewing designs before embroidering.
  • Easy-to-use controls and great design options.


  • Some users have noted that the machine is slow and difficult to use.
  • There are problems with the machine’s USB port, which has led to lost designs.

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Buying Guide

Although the Brother PE550D provides a wide range of features, including built-in memory, high-quality workmanship, and auto thread tension, it is more suited for small projects.

So, before buying your Brother PE550D, consider whether this machine is right for you and what type of project you will be working on.


Make sure the machine is compatible with your computer, based on how many embroidery designs you want to import. If you are a beginner without experience with embroidery machines, look at our guide for newbies. Check the design software included for the machine to ensure you will use it to its full potential.


There are a few things to consider before buying. You will need to ensure that you have enough space in your workroom and storage so that this machine can fit, it can be quite tall, but the width is not too much. 

Number of designs

Number of designs

You should look at the overall package and the number of designs already included. The PE550D also has a color touchscreen which is much better than nothing, but if you don’t find what you need there, buying additional designs and fonts for your personal use is highly recommended.


The 3-year limited warranty that comes with the Brother PE550D is something you should consider. You also want to consider your skill level before purchasing because some features in this machine are inappropriate for starting users.

Concludes review of the Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is great for those who want to start embroidering and sewing. It has many features you would expect from a high-end machine, such as high-quality stitching and accurate cutting.

The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine also has many features that you would expect from a machine designed for embroidery. This includes an easy-to-use design and an easy-to-read LCD screen.

If you’re new to embroidery or looking for a machine to decorate mugs, pillows, and other small items, the Brother PE550D might be a good choice. If your project is more complicated, you might need something stronger.

Overall, I think that the Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine is a great choice for those who want to start embroidering and sewing.

It offers high-quality stitching and accurate cutting, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to make beautiful designs.

How to use the brother pe550d embroidery machine

Brother pe550d embroidery machine is a great choice for beginner and hobbyist sewers. This machine has a wide range of features and options that can help you to create beautiful embroidery projects.

To use the brother pe550d embroidery machine, follow these steps:

1. Open the machine and locate the bobbin case. The bobbin case will have a red arrow pointing downwards.

2. Remove the old bobbins from the case and insert the new ones into the appropriate slots. Ensure that the bobbins are properly aligned so that they wind around the spindle clockwise.

3. Close the bobbin case and press it down to ensure it is properly installed.

4. Lift on the foot pedal to begin your embroidery project. Keep your hands close to the fabric so that you can move the fabric easily along the machine’s guide rails.

5. To start a new stitch, press the foot pedal and hold down the start/stop button simultaneously while you release the fabric from the machine’s feed dogs (the metal bar that guides the fabric through).

You should see the motor glide reverse to begin moving the fabric in a straight line. The machine will then move forward, pulling and pushing on the fabric, with two needles sequentially drawing stitches through the fabric.

6. As you draw each stitch, push down the stop button to halt the machine, pause for a second or two, and then release it. Repeat this until your project is complete.

7. To properly lock your embroidery off, press gently on the foot pedal to lift the needle(s). Then use your fingers or hands to hold down one of several buttons on either side of this foot pedal. This will keep any unfastened threads from falling out of your work as you remove them from the machine.

8. Arrange your project in a nice frame, hang it up, and admire it!

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