Brother HE1 Embroidery Machine Review with Buying Guide

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The Brother HE1 Embroidery Machine is a great machine for the price. It has many great features that are not found in other embroidery machines.

The Brother HE1 is a fantastic embroidery machine because it’s very affordable while still maintaining high-quality workmanship. You don’t have to sacrifice durability or ease of use just because you’re on a budget! 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use machine with good quality, this may be the one for you! This article will provide information on some of its best features and how it can benefit your needs.

HE1 embroidery machine

The HE1 is a unique and affordable embroidery machine for beginners. It’s easy to learn, so even those who have never done this before can start creating custom designs on anything from clothing items to crafts!

With the 4×4 inch space, you have available; you can access it through an LCD backlit touch screen display that displays 70 built-in patterns and five different lettering fonts accessed within just one tap away.

There isn’t any limit when it comes down to making your unique pieces of art, thanks primarily in part due to its vast amount options accessible right at hand at all times.

The HE1 has all of the features you could hope for in an embroidery machine, with computer connectivity to download thousands upon thousands of designs.

This model also comes equipped with high-quality stitching capabilities as well as automatic needle threading technology built right into it- no more wasting time trying to put your stitches on manually when there’s already a tool at work doing it automatically for you.

The LCD screen even offers tutorials so users can learn new skills without prior knowledge about how these things are done.

Spend hours embroidering clothing and accessories with this incredible machine. The 4 x 4-inch embroidery area makes it perfect for use on home decor as well.

Built-in designs, including 70+ pre-installed designs, 5 font styles, plus 120 monogramming frame combinations, make designing quick & easy – all you need is a straightforward screen interface that even beginners can understand thanks to its backlit LCD touch panel display easily.

With the automatic needle threader built right into your device (no more running out!).

Get access to over 5,000 designs for individual purchase. Includes embroidery hoops and supplies like bobbin thread so you can design your custom shirt or another apparel item with ease.

This product also has free customer phone support in addition to a lifetime guarantee. The 25-year limited warranty covers any malfunctions that may occur during everyday use.

Brother HE1 embroidery machine

Brother HE1 embroidery machine

The HE-1 is a well-designed embroidery machine with nice modern lines. It doesn’t stand out as much because it looks like many other Brother products, but that also means this isn’t going to be the only embroidery sewing machine on your worktable or near enough any time soon!

The dimensions are 19 1/2 x 18 5/8 x 11 3/4 inches (LxWxH), making for too small of an area when working on larger projects depending on how big you want them.

However, 4 X 4 Hoop size might be problematic when working on larger projects due to difficulty stitching large areas at once without trimming excess thread off afterward.

Brother embroidery machine HE1’s performance

The Brother XERO 400 he1 is one of the most advanced embroidery machines on today’s market. It has a maximum speed rating of Stitches per Minute (400/Hemstitch), making this machine perfect for busy professionals who need their work done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or accuracy in design.

Embroidery area 

The Brother Embroidery Machine is a high-quality, durable embroidery design machine with a manageable 4 “x4” size. It’s perfect for when you want to add some flair to clothing or make monograms.

Brother HE1 embroidery designs

Built-in embroidery designs

The integrated designs of the he1 embroidery machine are perfect for any sewist. With over 70 different types to choose from, you can be sure that it might just work with your project if there is an option on this list.

As mentioned before, each one comes pre-programmed, so all users need to do is select their desired design and start stitching away without having 

worry about setting up threads or anything else beforehand, which saves time since no extra steps will need to be completed after choosing logotype.


One of the best features of this embroidery machine is its easy-to-view backlit touch screen LCD. It allows users to access and edit designs and learn how to use them with tutorials that are available on YouTube or elsewhere online if needed!

The manual was written in both English/Spanish, which means beginners can consult it when they get stuck too–and even though this isn’t meant for high-end work (it’s affordable!), these versatile machines will allow you excellent results all around.

Automatic needle threader 

The automatic needle threader is a lifesaver. With the press of one button, you can easily and quickly stitch up all your projects without any hassle.

Font styles

The Brother He1-series embroidery machines have five different font styles to help you create perfect lettering for all your projects.

Automatic Bobbin Winding System

Automatic Needle Threader

The he1 brother embroidery machine has an automatic bobbin winding system that makes the work much easier for you.

Quick Set drop-in bobbin

The brother he1 comes with a Quick-Set drop-in bobbin, making it the most convenient embroidery machine for on-the-go projects.

Built-in thread cutter 

With this machine’s built-in push-button thread cutter, you can easily cut threads with a single click.

Adjustable thread tension control

With the use of an adjustable thread tension control, you can set your embroidery machine to give a more professional finish.

Brother he1 embroidery machine accessories

Brother se600 accessories

The manufacturer has included a wide range of additional accessories with the machine, allowing more fine-tuning and tweaking for an even better user experience.

Built-in handle

The brother he1 is a portable and lightweight machine perfect for any home. Its compact design comes with a built-in handle, which makes transportation easy.

  • Create personalized designs for your clothing and accessories in just minutes

  • The HE1 embroidery machine is perfect for embellishing clothes, accessories, or home décor items

  • Built-in 70 preloaded patterns to choose from – simple styles that are perfect for beginners 

  • Brother HE1 has an accessible 4 x 4” embroidered area making it ideal for small projects

  • HE1 is easy to learn and use for novice embroidery enthusiasts

  • Computer connectivity enables access to thousands of designs, fonts, and patterns

  • The HE1 also has a backlit touch screen LCD with quick access to design choices

  • It’s a computerized embroidery machine

  • Completely digitized and automated machine

  • No more expensive human labor for designs, fonts, or frames

  • Reduce production time by creating design templates

  • The embroidery area is small

  • Just for beginners

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Brother computerized he1 embroidery machine

The Brother HE-1 is a computerized embroidery machine that’s great for beginners and experts alike. With the ability to import designs from your computer or download updates wirelessly.

This machine will make all of those time-consuming tasks quick and easy. Connectivity options allow users with different abilities.

Is brother he1 embroidery machine manual?

The he1 is a computerized embroidery machine. It’s not manual like some older models but instead uses complex algorithms to stitch patterns of varying complexity with incredible speed and accuracy.

The mechanical design features a user-friendly interface that makes designing your project easy – without all those complicated settings found on other machines from competitors who take up half an hour before they’re ready.

FAQs Related HE1 Embroidery Machine

Is this compatible with Mac OS?

Yes, this computerized embroidery machine model HE1 4″x4″ is compatible with and capable of supporting Mac OS systems.

Are they able to sew on a regular basis?

No, this is a machine that is just for embroidery.

Where is the best source to buy thread for this machine?

Any retailer of Sulky thread. When a thread is not on sale at Joann Fabrics, I utilize coupons since this thread is more expensive than conventional thread but lasts a long time. Sulky has an excellent website, and you can purchase threads directly from Amazon.

Capabilities in Quilting? Can I include designs into my quilts?

This machine is solely suitable for the handling of tiny, light materials. I tried it on towels of various thicknesses and always encountered problems. Even with the correct size needle, the embroidery breaks and the quality is poor. I’m thinking that for a quilt, this is not the appropriate machine unless you’re doing it for fun and have a large number of patients who are unconcerned about quality. However, it is an excellent machine for little items such as t-shirts, baby bibs, and so on.

Conclusion – Brother HE1 Embroidery Machine Review

Suppose you are looking for a way to personalize your clothing, accessories, or home décor items in just minutes without having to sew on patches or buttons.

In that case, an embroidery machine is a perfect solution. Brother’s HE1 model has 70 preloaded patterns that can be used with ease by novice embroiderers, and it also comes with an easy-to-use 4 x 4” area which makes it ideal for smaller projects.

The computer connectivity enables access to thousands of designs, fonts, and patterns. No matter what style suits your needs, there will likely be one available at your fingertips when you use this sewing machine. It also features a backlit touch screen LCD.

Now it’s easier than ever before to bring out the artist inside without having years of experience using an embroidery machine. If you’re looking for an excellent embroidery machine, purchase one today. This was a full review of this product if you want more information before buying it.

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