Brother PE-500 Review – Brother’s Top Rated Embroidery And Sewing Machine

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If you’re looking for a machine that can embroider and sew, then this Brother Embroidery Machine is the perfect device.  

The Brother Embroidery Machine PE500 offers great value for those who are looking to buy their first embroidery machine. It is easy to use and delivers excellent results.

The computerized design features make it fun and easy to create beautiful designs that can be used on various projects such as shirts, towels, pillows, and more!  

This article will provide you with all the information you need about this top-selling product! With all these amazing features, how can you resist?

Let’s take a look at what this machine has to offer.

Brother PE500 4×4 Embroidery Machine

If you are looking to get started with embroidery, the PE500 from brother is an excellent choice. It has top-of-the-line features and capabilities typically found in more expensive machines, making it easy for beginners or experts alike.

The brother embroidery machine pe500 is perfect for sewers who want to try their hand at embroidery, crafters looking for something new and challenging, or advanced ones looking forward to carrying their workaround.

Recycle your old clothing with this brother’s embroidery machine pe500. Add new fashionable embellishments to make it more interesting. You can turn an everyday pillow or blanket into a customized gift for friends and family, too.

There are endless options available in the PE500’s capabilities thanks to its lightweight construction but capable workhorse qualities that will embroider whatever material you need from delicate silk all way through sturdier denim fabric.

What Makes the Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine So Popular?

Embroidery space of 4 inches by 4 inches for merging different patterns.

Connectivity to a computer allows you to get updates and import designs.

The first project comes with an embroidered beginning kit to keep you going.

For simple access to editing functions and seeing designs, use the LCD Touch Screen.

Workspace with enough light for easy sewing without the need for extra lighting.

For fabulous creations, there are 70 built-in embroidery designs and five lettering fonts.

“A pe500 embroidery machine has so many features! You’ll learn about the different types of features and functions in detail in this article. Keep reading to find out more!”


Portable Brother PE500

Get creative with your clothes and home décor using the Brother PE500 Portable Embroidery Machine that can be used for all sorts of different things?

You’ll never have trouble finding inspiration again when you’re able to turn an old shirt into a skirt or transform jeans from drab-colored pants into something beautiful.

Embroidery Area 

Create the perfect design with ease. The Brother PE500 4×4 embroidery machine has plenty of space for your creative methods so that you can be as detailed or simple in their execution.

Brother pe500 needle

Brother pe500 needle
Brother pe500 needle

Schmetz needles are perfect for embroidery work, as they provide the highest quality of stitch definition.

From silk to wool and synthetics, Schmetz’s Super Non-Stick Needles will hold up against even the most rigid fabrics without spontaneously combusting as specific name-brand competitors can do.

Other needles include Schmetz Chrome Embroidery Needles, Schmetz Gold/Titanium Embroidery Needles, Schmetz Embroidery Needles, Organ Embroidery Needles Titanium. These super sharp pins make sure there aren’t any rough spots on your project.

So you don’t have unsightly lumps or bumps where it counts most – which means a more professional finished look when compared against other brands who use cheaper materials in their products.


The Brother PE500 embroidery machine has a user-friendly touch screen LCD that makes working on it easy. The backlit panel makes viewing embroidery functions at night much more comfortable, especially if you need to make adjustments or calculations between stitches.

Built-in embroidery designs

Built-in embroidery designs
Built-in embroidery designs

You can create beautiful designs with the Brother PE500. It’s got 70 built-in embroidery options, so you’ll be able to find something for any project.

Built-in fonts

Brother’s new Professional series Embroidery Machine offers five different types of font that can help you create just about anything! The wide variety means no matter what combination your mind desires.

Brother PE500 accessories

The PE500 is a high-quality embroidery machine that comes with an extensive line of accessories.

The starter kit includes everything you need to get started and even has tools for beginners who want more realistic results without investing in expensive equipment.

The Brother PE500 comes with a complete accessories package, which is excellent for beginners and professionals alike.

It includes:

  • Cover for dust
  • USB cord
  • A pen that can be used to write with.
  • Bag for extras
  • A ripper for seams
  • A needle and thread set
  • A brush for cleaning
  • A net made of spools
  • The Scissors
  • On the machine, use the embroidery foot “Q.”
  • A multilingual operation manual in English and Spanish.
  • Hoop is 4 in x 4 in and is medium in size.
  • There are four total bobbins, one of which is preloaded on the machine.
  • Brother poly #90 bobbin thread, three spools
  • A disc-shaped screwdriver for quick reference and a conventional screwdriver
  • Three medium-weight stabilizer sheets (If requested, more can be ordered!)
  • A big and a small spool cap are included. The machine comes with a medium spool cap already mounted.

Computer Connectivity

Computer Connectivity
Computer Connectivity

The Brother professional embroidery machine includes a computer connectivity kit for importing designs and uploading them onto your PC or Mac.

You can also download free fonts from the included website. With these features, you’ll never run out of ideas to make that perfect piece with ease- no matter where life takes you next year.

PE500 brother software

The Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine is an excellent choice for those looking to create their designs on fabric.

It features the latest embroidery software that enables users with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface and support from designers.

The world through its included Design App, which helps them collaborate remotely while still creating within their own homes or offices.

Brother PE-Design 11 allows you to create and edit designs on your own; Embrilliance Essentials BBESS10 can be used by those who do not have any previous experience using them or need some tips.

Also included is BES3 Embroidery Lettering Software allowing users total control over their product output.

Embroidery cards for Brother PE500

Brother PE500 embroidery machine is compatible with Embroidery Designs 550,000 PES Format Characters and Vikant’s Software.

With this converter, you can open and edit your designs in a format that will work on the Brother Embroidery machine – Without needing any special software.

The ultimate box comes equipped with all necessary cables and an upgrade card for those of us currently using PCs instead of Macs.

Brother PE500 hoops

Save time and money with these compatible Brother Hoop sizes. The oversized hoops are a great way to embroider on larger projects, as they measure six ¾” x 4″. Use the same machine for all your designs.

Brother PE500 monogram

Brother PE500 monogram
Brother PE500 monogram

Brother PE500 embroidery machine is an excellent way for beginners to start their custom designs or monogramming projects.

When designing with this device, you can use the included design software to create beautiful work indefinitely.

Brother PE500 manual

If you’re looking for the world’s most comprehensive manual, look no further than this copy of Brother PE500.

The Brother PE500 embroidery machine has a bilingual user manual, making it easy for anyone with an international background to use the product.

This is NOT a sewing machine. It includes all the necessary information and clear illustrations to get started with your new embroidery device right away.

No need for expensive classes or enrolling in one on one time at an instructors’ residence hall when you have this manual.


Brother PE500 sewing and embroidery machine is a dependable purchase that comes with 25 years of warranty and free phone support for a lifetime.

  • Create a variety of embroidery designs with the 4×4 large area

  • Express your creativity and create interesting works of art

  • Easy to learn for beginners 

  • Create intricate designs for a wide range of purposes

  • Integrated touch screen LCD makes navigating the machine’s programmable features easy to navigate

  • Comes with a starter set of stabilizer and thread, hoop, needle set, and more

  • Built-in designs allow for quick embroidering

  • It comes with the bilingual user manual, so no matter what your native language, you will be able to use this machine.

  • Brother services are not efficient

  • The embroidery area is small

  • Not for business purpose

  • It is hard to replace needles

  • Repairing is expensive

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FAQs Related to the Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine

Is it possible to use this machine with a Mac?

Yes, as long as you use a file extension such. Pes and download from the internet. Your operating system doesn’t matter either way because these designs work seamlessly whether they’re made on macs or PCs!

How many different thread colors can I use at once?

There is a machine that only lets you use one color at a time. When the need arises for another shade, it will tell me, and I can change colors as much as needed without worrying about over-running my thread or wasting expensive cables!

Is it possible to get more fonts?

Yes. Fonts may be purchased online in several styles. Just make sure it’s in the appropriate format (. pes) when you get it!

Is it possible for me to create my picture and have it transferred to the machine?

Yes. Install design software on your computer if you wish to create your designs. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is storing your design in the correct format. Design to your heart’s content after you’ve found software that suits your requirements.

You could be better off paying an embroidery digitizing firm to do it for you if you’re new to designing. They’ll be able to provide you with a superior stitch pattern, and for the same price as the design program, they’ll be able to produce dozens of them.

Is it possible to sew using a Brother PE500?

This is nothing more than an embroidery machine. It is vital to note that this machine does not sew properly, so keep that in mind before purchasing it. The PE500 is not only inexpensive, but it can also embroider denim or leather, as well as more delicate textiles like silk.

Conclusion – Brother Embroidery Machine Pe500

The Brother PE500 embroidery machine is perfect for someone who wants to try their hand at embroidery, crafters looking for something new and challenging, or advanced ones looking forward to carrying their workaround.

Recycle your old clothing with this brother’s embroidery machine pe500. Add unique fashionable embellishments to make it more interesting.

For those of you who want a high-quality product without spending too much money, the Brother PE500 4×4 Embroidery Machine has all the features found in machines costing twice as much, making it an excellent choice for beginners or experts alike.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you find an excellent embroidery machine that’s right for you, call us today.

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and provide knowledgeable advice on what will work best for your needs.